Long and Winding Road

Going to switch to author mode here. Yes, I really am still writing. What I’m not doing – yet – is publishing. Which is driving me nuts.

The reason for the delay is pretty straightforward. My editor-in-chief abdicated without telling me.

My editor – one I’ve used for several years – has my manuscript in hand, and sent back a couple of chapters. That was a few months ago. Since then? Nada. Zilch. Nuttin’, honey. As a result, I’ve hired a new editor and will hopefully get back on track. I still have two books that are languishing in want of an editor, albeit one’s a lot more editor-ready than the other. I have several more books on the back burner, and am looking forward to getting those going, too.

I’m going to have to double up at this rate and write two books at once. (I’ve done it before, when I hit a dry spell. I alternated between books until I regained momentum, then returned to focus on the primary one.) Since I now have half a library’s worth of books at various stages of writing, I guess I’d better hop to it.