One Step Forward

The life of an author is a wee bit insane. That goes triple if you’re working full time and trying to launch a couple of side businesses in your spare time. However, I’ve gotten my second writer’s wind going and trying to deconstruct Extra Sensual Persuasion and get it whipped into shape for publication. I lost my primary editor a while back, during the developmental phase, so the ending I’d written was way off target. It’s a challenge when you have to go back and unravel a good half the story and redo it, but that’s exactly where I’m at with it.

For anyone trying to work without a development editor, find a fellow writer who’s willing to hold you accountable for your awful ideas.

Whilst futzing with that issue, however, I did finally get a couple of other titles together. I’m publishing the second edition of The Color of Fate in paperback, and simultaneously releasing my nonfiction, Reading with Crystals. Unless something egregious shows up in my printer proofs, both should be available on Amazon on or by April 1. I don’t know how long it’ll take to get them shipped to other destinations. Therein lies a quandary that every author should know about.

When using a third party publisher, they manage distribution of your titles, including eBooks and whatnot. If the publisher goes belly-up, you can always reach out and provide updated publisher details for print books. But for eBooks, you’re screwed. That’s what happened to me with The Color of Fate. You see, the original eBook was my first real publishing effort, and it was bad. We’re talking typos, superfluous wording, some inconsistencies, blah blah blah. I’m reasonably comfortable with the second edition. It cleaned things up considerably and makes for a smooth read. Because I published my e-bomb with Book Country (which, ironically, is a division of Penguin Books), and Book Country is effectively DOA, I can’t kill the original eBook release version that’s out there. I’m going to attempt to re-publish through SmashWords or something similar, citing that it’s the second edition, and this time use my own ISBN. But God only knows if it’ll overwrite the initial crapshoot. Keeping my fingers crossed.

On a more positive side, I created a free tool you can use to calculate your book’s cover dimensions, including spine width, based on CreateSpace parameters. It works with Microsoft Excel. There’s a download button at right. Type in your number of pages and trim size, and the spreadsheet calculates the rest for you automatically, for both white and cream pages.