Reality Bytes

I realize I’ve been quiet lately, and apologize for the fact. We’re in mid-move, but the new place is decidedly NOT move-in ready. Therefore we’ve got a household worth of stuff stacked up in a family garage while we’re working like mad to get the new place livable. Considering it’s hot here in the desert – well in excess of 100ºF – it’s a challenge. The AC isn’t setup at the new place yet, but that’s the first project Monday morning (or Sunday, if we decide to do it then.)

Look for tales of remodel woe to sneak into future writing, though I’ll have to be careful. If I write the whole truth, y’all will think I’m exaggerating! We decided to basically go the tiny house route, opting to go debt-free and buy and older mobile and rehab it. I’ve dubbed us Neo Trailer-Trash. It’s a big adjustment to downsize from our suburban house to an itty bitty mobile home, but we’re going to do it!

I’m still shooting for a mid-October date to launch the next book, so hang tight with me as I navigate the next few weeks.